Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Valentines

Last week we didn't have school for two days due to the bad weather, we had some snow and it was freeeeezing, one night we had the same temperature as in Alaska!!! -12 F, and my daughter and I make some valentine's cards for some elderly people in New york.

I read in the Etsy newsletter, that they were going to need some volunteers and some cards to share with Citymeals-on-Wheels  so we did some and mail them to Etsy.

I am happy that we can share our cards with some people that need some affection, some Fridays I go to the Presbyterian Manor   to pray the Rosary and have some coffee with some ladies, I really like to share some time with them, and they really need some affection, so I am hoping we will take some to them too.

I didn't know what Citymeals on wheels was until last week, is a great organization that delivers meals to people that can't cook, can't drive or don't have the money to buy food and I am happy that we can share our love with them at least with a little Valentine.

I am happy to be part of Etsy, because they always care for others!!!!

I invite you to share your love and time with the elderly people on your family or community on Valentine's Day!!!

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