Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attitudes Open House

Last December we were so excited because we baked a lot of cookies for the Attitude's Open house.

They send us the invitation for the event, it was Hollywood Glamour style, so we did some Glamour dolls, sparking high heels, ballet slippers, ballerinas, tutus and nutcrackers.


These are the Glamour dolls we made.

Attitudes is the cutest ballet boutique that I have ever seen, they have all the things a little ballerina could dream off,  like hair accessories, leotards, tights, pointe shoes, leg warmers, shrugs, bags, stationary,  ballet decor, Christmas decorations, etc.

We arrive at 4:15 p.m and it was crowded,  they were serving Champagne for the Adults and Sparkling cider for the girls and cookies for everybody!!!!

We were  so excited that everybody like and enjoy the cookies and we ate one as well, YUM!!!

Here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them!!!

Nutcracker cookies

Ballerina Cookies

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Valentines

Last week we didn't have school for two days due to the bad weather, we had some snow and it was freeeeezing, one night we had the same temperature as in Alaska!!! -12 F, and my daughter and I make some valentine's cards for some elderly people in New york.

I read in the Etsy newsletter, that they were going to need some volunteers and some cards to share with Citymeals-on-Wheels  so we did some and mail them to Etsy.

I am happy that we can share our cards with some people that need some affection, some Fridays I go to the Presbyterian Manor   to pray the Rosary and have some coffee with some ladies, I really like to share some time with them, and they really need some affection, so I am hoping we will take some to them too.

I didn't know what Citymeals on wheels was until last week, is a great organization that delivers meals to people that can't cook, can't drive or don't have the money to buy food and I am happy that we can share our love with them at least with a little Valentine.

I am happy to be part of Etsy, because they always care for others!!!!

I invite you to share your love and time with the elderly people on your family or community on Valentine's Day!!!

Producto terminado

Les quiero compartir las fotos de las galletitas ya terminadas, espero les gusten,

Un beso a todos

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An unexpected gift

I am so happy to tell you this story, before Christmas my dear friend Dana came over and give me the cutest gift ever, She brought me some cookie cutter from Europe, a clown, a fleur de lis and Saint Basil's Cathedral from Russia.
At that time I didn't have the chance to bake and decorate the cookies, so when we came back from Mexico, I found the website of the cookie cutters, and woooow they have the most beautiful cookie cutter I ever saw, so I told My husband, I wish some of our friends  or family go to Europe so they  can buy some for me.

And then one day My husband told me: I think Carlos  (Dana's Husband) is going to Europe so I am going to give him some upgrade for 1st Class, ( He used to travel a lot in his other job, so he has some upgrade that we haven't used), I was so happy that somebody can use the upgrade, is always so nice to travel 1st class and more to overseas. and I more happy that my husband want to share it.

So then He told me maybe we can ask him to bring you some cookie cutters, and I said OH YES!!
So I google for some stores that may have them, it was hard because some were in other languages, any way I made my wish list.
Long story short, last weekend Carlos an Dana invited us to their house, we had such a good time, and good drinks and good food!!!
They live in the most beautiful old house I have ever seen (That will be another story), this is how it looks from the outside

And at the end Carlos give us the cookie cutters, I was so excited!!!! They are really cute, here is a picture.

Aren't they pretty??? And he bring some gifts for Miguel and Anilu, I think He is such a nice person and I believe that when you share something from your heart, you may receive a lot of blessings and I think that the best blessing is to have friends you can count on!!!!

We are so happy that God put The Ayala's in our life!!!!
God Bless you!!!!

Here are some pictures of the cookies

And later I will post the other pictures I have to go to cook something We Are Hungry!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Los dias mas frios de mi vida!!!

Ayer y hoy han sido los dias mas frios que he vivido en mi corta vida ; ) estabamos a -12 F, -24 Celsius, nevo casi todo el martes y un viento horrible, creo que era un Blizzard, cancelaron la escuela ayer y hoy,  no saben el gusto que nos dio, que no nos tuvieramos que despertar temprano y salir a esas temperaturas, porq' aunque estemos a -12 F si no hay tormenta SI HAY CLASES, o sea que nos levantamos tardisimo, porque era imposible salir de la cama que estaba tan calientita y ni queriamos asomar la nariz, lo unico malo es que Mich si tuvo que ir a trabajar ; (, nos la pasamos muy padre, se veia muy bonito, aunque cuando el viento volaba toda la nieve si me asustaba un poco.
Les pongo unas fotos para que las disfruten.

Besitos a todos.