Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am so excited to participate in this giveaway, thanks to Alisha for being interested in my cookies, and to all of you that come an visit my blog, Facebook page, and Etsy shop!!!!

Good Luck to Everyone and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

May Day

Attitudes Open  House

I love to work for costumers that always sparks on my creativity and Attitudes surely did!!!!!!!!

Everybody is always waiting to see what is the theme  their Open House will have, because they transform the whole shop around it,  and off course they are the best Hosts.

These were the cookies that I did for the Event, the Ballerinas didn't last long, they are the girls favorites.

The Cookie Couture on Etsy

Here are some pictures of the Event, ENJOY.....

There were to many creative ideas, that you may need to hours to look for all the little details they made, all of them are great ideas to decor a girls bedroom.

All the food was delicious and at after enjoying all the goodies and discounts all the girls take home a beautiful flower bouquet.

I really going to miss working for you Girls......

Monday, April 4, 2011


If you want to win some cookies for Easter click on the Easter bunnies pictures to your left side and follow instructions, Good Luck Everybody!!!

LOve Wedding Cookies Pictures

Here are the pictures of the final product!!!

The Bride and the Groom

And my great satisfaction is when I read the feedback of my customers here it is Jennifer's :

Maria was fabulous and I already have a friend buying their favors from her! My LOVE cookie, inspired by the LOVE statue in Philadelphia by Robert Indiana, was a true replication and even in my gray and yellow wedding colors! Her attention to detail was impeccable. Each cookie is wrapped in plastic with a seal and then packaged with protective wrapping between each of the 150 cookies! She even gave us a few extra in case of breakage and made my fiance and I little bride and groom cookies as a gift. We cannot wait for our guests to see and EAT these treats. Thank you Maria!!!!!

So if you are looking for some custom cookies for your events contact me and I will be so happy to make them for you!!!!

LOVE Wedding Cookies

Finally the date arrive, I was almost feeling I was the bride to be....140 some Love cookies for Jennifer and Scott Wedding on its way to Philadelphia, the brotherly love city.

I had so much fun making these cookies, I like to do custom orders in which ones I have to learn something different and put my skills to the test, and this one was one.

First I ordered the cookie cutter that supposedly was the LOVE statue from Philadelphia, I tough that was going to be a lot of help, so I receive it, make the cookies and they turn out nice, but not like the statue at all, so I was not happy at all.

So I googled images of the statue, I liked it a lot is very simple and modern and  is just a simple word but with a lot of meaning, don't you think???

It was designed by Robert Indiana, the image first was originally designed as a Christmas card in 1964, the statue is made of Steel and has been on exhibit since 1970 in the Indianapolis Museum Art.The statue has been reproduced several times in a variety of forms and now is display around the world.

So after days on thinking how I will make it,  I decided to make the stencil, my husband is very good at it,  so he made it for me, he did several tries and finally we like one, so I made some cookies and it turn out good, I didn't have a square cookie cutter, so it was not perfect in the circle but it looked nice.

Jennifer's wedding colors are gray and yellow, so I did some samples for her

She liked them!!! I was so excited so I reserved the space for her cookies and I could not wait for the time to come to start bake them for her.

The time goes so fast that the date arrive very soon, so I start with the baking process, decorate them and the final product came out very nice, here are some pictures for you.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attitudes Open House

Last December we were so excited because we baked a lot of cookies for the Attitude's Open house.

They send us the invitation for the event, it was Hollywood Glamour style, so we did some Glamour dolls, sparking high heels, ballet slippers, ballerinas, tutus and nutcrackers.


These are the Glamour dolls we made.

Attitudes is the cutest ballet boutique that I have ever seen, they have all the things a little ballerina could dream off,  like hair accessories, leotards, tights, pointe shoes, leg warmers, shrugs, bags, stationary,  ballet decor, Christmas decorations, etc.

We arrive at 4:15 p.m and it was crowded,  they were serving Champagne for the Adults and Sparkling cider for the girls and cookies for everybody!!!!

We were  so excited that everybody like and enjoy the cookies and we ate one as well, YUM!!!

Here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them!!!

Nutcracker cookies

Ballerina Cookies