Saturday, September 24, 2011

May Day

Attitudes Open  House

I love to work for costumers that always sparks on my creativity and Attitudes surely did!!!!!!!!

Everybody is always waiting to see what is the theme  their Open House will have, because they transform the whole shop around it,  and off course they are the best Hosts.

These were the cookies that I did for the Event, the Ballerinas didn't last long, they are the girls favorites.

The Cookie Couture on Etsy

Here are some pictures of the Event, ENJOY.....

There were to many creative ideas, that you may need to hours to look for all the little details they made, all of them are great ideas to decor a girls bedroom.

All the food was delicious and at after enjoying all the goodies and discounts all the girls take home a beautiful flower bouquet.

I really going to miss working for you Girls......